Friday, August 3, 2012

August 3rd,2012 - I don't remember.

I forgot to blog after this workout, so the details are a bit fuzzy.

I remember a few things:

- I got down to a 3" differential between my hands and feet on both ring pushups and ring rows.  I finally  reached a point where I couldn't do 3x8 in either the pushups or rows.  Felt weird.

- I'm almost there with Half-HeSPUs.   I call them half, but they're much lower than half in reality.  I sit a 1.5" thick cardboard box between my hands and then lower myself until my head lightly touches the box before pushing back up.  I should hit 3x8 on my next session on August 8th.  Then I'll pull out the box and try to go for full HeSPUs.  I assume I will get 3x8 pretty quickly which means it's time to build some parallettes.

- Toes-to-Bars are still hard.

- Fitocracy sometimes scores things strangely.  I did the same max number of pullups today as I did on August 1st, yet the scoring was MUCH lower today.  I don't know.

- I tried doing High Step Ups instead of Pistols for one set.  They're supposed to be a little more taxing on the glutes and hams, but it didn't feel like it to me.  I'll try them again soon.

- GHRs are becoming stagnant.  I need to build something to hold my feet properly, or just move on to another exercise.  :/

I worked out today:
8 Toes to Bar
2x10 Hanging Frog Raise
3x75s RKC Plank
9,8,8 Pull-Up
8,8,7 Half-HeSPUs
6,7,8 Ring Rows (Rings@38", feet@35")
8,8,7 Ring Pushups (Rings@38", feet@35")
1x10 High Step Ups
2x8 Pistols (only last two reps were ring assisted)
8,8,7 Modified GHRs

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