Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10th, 2012 - Static Hold Training Begins Today!

I finally created a new routine.  As mentioned earlier, I've been feeling a bit blah about my workouts, so it was time to change something.  After several weeks of research and two or three days of hard thinking, this is my new routine:

Part of training static holds is that you need to measure the maximum amount of time you can hold each position.  I'd never done this before and it was freaking me out.

Yesterday, I decided to just bite the bullet and get started.  I realized I was becoming a victim of paralysis by analysis caused by fear of the unknown.  That shit ain't cool.

Despite my awkwardness and fear, I decided to just go for it this morning.  And record it.  And show it to other people on the internets!  So, I guess I'll show you too.  Here ya go...

Band Assisted Tuck Planche Awful. I spent the most time on this, but I can't feel what I'm supposed to be doing with any part of my body.  Halp!

Tuck Front Lever I thought I was holding my hips too high in the first half, so thats why I dropped down a bit.  Watching the video now, I was wrong.

Tuck Back Lever This was my second attempt. I watched the video of my first attempt and realized I was holding my hips too high, so I tried again... And still held my hips too high.  Damn.  I need to keep my head up too.

Low Tuck L-sit Not bad, I think?

All in all... OK.  I'm very unhappy with my planche attempts, but everything else seems to be acceptable for someone just starting out.  Expect more less awkwardness in the future.

I worked out today:
3x50 Jumping Jacks
3x120s Wall Handstand Work
Band Assisted Straddle Tuck Planche for Max Time  (4 sec max)
Tuck Front Lever for Max Time (~20 sec max)
Tuck Back Lever for Max Time (~20 sec max)
Low Tuck L-sit for Max Time (~25 sec max)

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