Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14th, 2012 - Routine B

Things I have learned from this new routine after 2 days:

  • I need to eat more.
  • I think I need to cut down strength exercises per routine from 3 to 2.  Doing pullups in a circuit with BW curls = me failing at pullups.
  • I need to eat more.
  • I shouldn't put L-sit work and dips on the same day.  My triceps are on fire.
  • I need to eat more.
All this extra eating is going to be a pain tonight; I have to fast for 12 hours tonight in preparation for a cholesterol screening tomorrow.   No bacon in the morning?  What will I do?  I am looking forward to a day of rest, though.  These past two workouts have been killer.

I worked out today:
5 minutes general warmup
5 minutes handstand work - I had about 4 seconds of freestanding today!
5x12s Tuck Back Lever
3x20s Tuck L-Sit
8,7,3 Pullups
6 Ring Dips
2x8 Regular Dips - felt REALLY unstable on the rings, so I switched to chairs.
3x8 BW Curls - Rings @ 50", but legs straight.  Seems to be a valid step up from the way I was doing them previously: Rings @ 37", legs bent.
6x10s GHR eccentrics 
6,8,8 Pistols

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