Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30th, 2012 - Feeling awesome.

I think I'm finally completely through my transition from feeling awful to feeling great.

Mrs. Wife and I tried a new recipe last night: Filipino sisig!  ( Chopped pork belly, shank, and liver grilled till crispy, sautéed with onions, garlic, ginger, and chilis, then drenched in lemon juice.  Holy crap it was awesome.  Unfortunately, most of the meat cooked away in the preparation process so it wasn't very filling, but it was VERY tasty.  At the very least, it allowed the wife and me to eat some organ meats without getting totally grossed out.  I'll be doing the whole recipe again later this week with a bit more shank, a bit less belly, some soy sauce and maybe more lemon.  If anyone knows where to find calamansi, let me know.

This morning's workout felt REALLY good.  I was able to get 3x5 ring dips for the first time.   Ring pushups didn't feel (too) awkward.  And I've confirmed that doing pullups in between my leg sets is really helping me get my reps up; I'm coming for you, 3x10.  I was able to do a full set of 8 pistols without using any assistance from my rings.  I had to tap the ground with my off-foot occasionally to maintain balance or get out of the bottom, but progress is progress!  Getting stronger is awesome.

Gotta admit... even with all these good feelings, I'm a bit down.  No new motions today with no plans to add new motions.  I feel like I'm hitting a plateau with my basic moves.  I could start adding weight via weight vest, but those things are effing expensive.  I may start working on front/back/elbow levers, L-sits, handstands, and planches exclusively.  Still debating this.  All of those motions are on my goal list, but they seem so damn unattainable right now.  And I don't understand the programming as much when it comes to static holds.  I guess it's back to reading the Bodyweight Bible aka Overcoming Gravity.

I worked out today:
3x8 Hanging Frog Raise (Actually did toes-to-bar for the first few reps of each set.)
3x60s Plank (This is getting too easy.  It's time to start cranking up the time.)
3x8 Ring Row (Rings@42", Feet@34")
3x8 Ring Pushups (Rings@42", Feet@34")
3x8 BW Curls (Rings@42", Legs bent)
3x5 Ring Dips
3x8 Pistols (Sets 1&3: 4 freestanding. Set 2: 8 freestanding!)
3x8 Glute Ham Raises (Sets 1&2: Modified, Set 3: Eccentrics only)

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