Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28th, 2012 - Actually Back in the Saddle

My last workout was craptastic so I decided to take my time and really focus on this one.

Since I had the time available (unlike my normal weekday workouts), I started with 20 minutes of dynamic stretching and mobility work based off Molding Mobility (  I also decided to stop worrying about strict 1 minute rests between sets.  Adding in the mobility work and slowing down allowed me to really focus on the movements I was doing.  And because of that, I was able to get my pull-ups and freestanding pistols back into respectable numbers.  And I got 6 half-HeSPUs for the first time ever!  Woot!  Unfortunately, all this warming up and waiting around stretched my workout to 1hr 40m.  Much too long for a normal weekday workout.

I worked out today:
20m Stretching/Mobility
3x8 Hanging Bent Leg Raises
3x60s RKC Plank
7,8,6 Pull-ups 
6,5,5 Half Headstand Pushups
3x8 Ring Rows (Feet @ 34", rings @ 42")
3x8 Ring Pushups (Feet @ 34", rings @ 42")
3x8 Pistols (1st Set: 4 freestanding, 2nd Set: 2 freestanding, 3rd set: performed on stool with very light bottom assist only)
3x8 Modified GHRs

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