Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10th, 2012

I don't know what has caused this, but I am completely worn out from this morning's workout.  It wasn't much different from the normal C routine other than the addition of bodyweight curls (see July 8th for info) and VERY slow negative close-grip chin-ups.  I seriously feel like the walking dead.

I'm not sure how I'll be able to stay awake tonight to finish packing for our drive to Vermont tomorrow.  And I'm extra unsure about how I'll be able to wake up at 4am in order to be on the road by 5am.  Working out today was probably a dumb idea.  It's okay, though, coffee will get me through the day.

I worked out today:
3x8 Hanging Bent Leg Raises (Semi-frog Raises, but I still don't have the flexibility/strength required to full extend my legs.)
3x60s RKC Plank (These are getting easier!)
3x8 Bodyweight Curls (rings@48", legs bent, going to try legs extended on Thursday.)
3x8 Dips w/8lb Weight
3x4 Close-Grip Chinups (my arms were WASTED after the BW curls and I just couldn't get myself above the bar.)
1x5.5,2x4 Half Wall Handstand Pushups (Still lacking a lot of strength here.)
3x8 Single Leg Squats (1 finger/1 ring assist. Should have done these freestanding, but I'm saving that insanity for Vermont.)
3x8 Modified Glute Ham Raise (Really worked on getting my lean tight.  My ass is sore.)
3x30s Negative Close-Grip Chinups

On a related note: I am working on building a bodyweight-based strength routine that anyone can do at home with a pull-up bar and rings.  If you're interested in being one of my beta testers, contact me:   jakehildreth at gmail dot com.  (Remove the spaces and replace the "at" with "@" and the "dot" with ".")

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